DirectX 11 Grass Shader 1.1.0

DirectX 11 Grass Shader 1.1.0


В разработке.

The DirectX 11 Grass Shader is a intuitive and easy way to AAA graphics.

Generates individual blades of grass directly on the GPU to achieve the dense fields of grass you've always wished for.

High performance:
Scaleable from low to high end! (DirectX 11 is required)

Easy to use:
Get great results with just a few clicks.

Highly customizable:
From underwater scenes to alien landscapes. Useable for every art style.

Dynamic reaction:
Reacts dynamically to characters, vehicles, or any other game event.

Because of the techniques the shader uses, it has a few limitations, some of them may change in the future:
Height maps, density maps and displacement maps do not work with Unity terrain. Unity terrain does also cause popping of grass that would not occur normally.

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