Candela SSRR V3: Advanced Screen Space Glossy Reflections 3.0

Candela SSRR V3: Advanced Screen Space Glossy Reflections 3.0


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V3 Package also includes the updated V2.2 VR READY Option, Optimized for general use together with significant improvements in quality and performance.

Candela SSRR V3 Highlights

- Complete and Full Compatibility for Unity 5.3 and Beyond (no more pre-compiled shaders)

- V3 is the first SSR solution providing reflections from Off-Screen object. This gives almost a complete total scene ray-tacing solution with full PBS support.

- Highest quality / performance to date on any engine

- V3 plus the included and updated V2.2 has much improved Contact based reflection blur. Reflection blur amount from PBS shaders can be adjusted based on distance and angle.

- Improved Distance based PBS convolution

- Significant reflection Quality increase. Eliminating silhouettes around occluded reflections.

- Improved Toksvig (specular shimmer taming) for both V2.2 and V3

- General stability, performance & quality improvements

Candela SSRR V3 is the all new complete and simple to use AAA Quality highly optimized Physically accurate PBS based Advanced Screen Space Ray-traced Reflection Solution for Unity 5 Pro & Personal.

With support for NEW Off-Screen reflections, V3 comprises of two packages in one. V2.2 is also included which has been updated for performance/quality and complete VR SUPPORT.

Candela SSRR brings comprehensive Unity 5 compatibility together with significant performance/ quality enhancements and a unified PBS workflow! Your ability to add advanced ray-traced reflections to your Unity Project is now at your fingertips.

General Information

Candela SSRR is Physically correct and PBS ready in all respects. Increasing quality and performance significantly while making it easier to integrate into your projects. The general workflow paradigm is now based on PBS principals regardless if you are using the New Unity 5 Standard shaders or the legacy shaders (V2.2 only)

Comprehensive & Complete support for Unity 5 Professional & Personal. Which means it works with All Render Paths and All Shaders. Supporting almost all platforms, OpenGL,DirectX 9, DirectX 11. New Deferred Shading, Forward Rendering and Legacy Deferred Lighting.

Across the board Performance Increase! now also possible to use with new Mobile platforms supporting OpenGLES 3.0

New Physically correct Convolution - no more slow and incorrect Bilateral Blur. Very closely matching Unity 5 PBS / IBL and Reflection probe convolution for correct blending. Multiple performance options can be easily selected suitable for your project withing the Editor Inspector GUI.

SSR Shimmer Reduction & Highlight Compression! i.e. Physically Based shading (PBS) such as the one utilized by Unity 5 is susceptible to high frequency highlight shimmer primarily caused by very high specular values. Screen Space Reflections can intensify this as sub-pixel motion increases. Also as roughness becomes high (more blurry), these sub-pixel highlights will cause distracting low - mid frequency shimmer during convolution. Candela V2 reduces this significantly.

PBS Metallic & Specular Color now effect SSR reflection Color. Occlusion Chanel can also be used when activated in the standard (or standard specular) shader.

SSR Fresnel is now based on per-pixel Schlick & BRDF importance sampling.

PBS Roughness values or textures correctly contribute to glossiness (roughness blur and grazing angle blur) i.e. Perfect mirror reflections are maintained at low roughness ( which means no blur on contact reflections) and progressively increase glossiness as roughness increases (while respecting graze angles)

Cleaner and leaner inspector UI which is much more intuitive with Performance & Quality target selections right at the top making it a breeze to use.

Candela SSRR reflections can easily enhance the look of your scene or game, making objects more grounded and attached to the environment. Being a pure post effect solution means it has no dependency on scene complexity.

Highly customizable and Artist friendly !You have total control. Some notable features include easy manipulation of pixel accurate reflectivity factor, surface roughness (Gloss / Blur), Physically based composition, HDR support and many other reflection control parameters on per material basis.

Candela SSRR package also includes a number of demo scenes and model assets such as a
Music Studio and a Pinball Table so you can quickly see the big difference Candela SSRR can add to your projects.

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