DeepSky Haze 1.2.5

DeepSky Haze 1.2.5


В разработке.

DeepSky Haze is a physically-based atmospheric scattering effect designed to easily add stunning natural fog and true volumetric haze and lighting effects. Takes advantage of modern rendering techniques such as temporal reprojection to give high-quality results, fast.

Supports DX9/DX11 and OpenGL Core (for best quality/performance use DX11 or OpenGL Core, mobile platforms are not supported).


•Atmospheric (Rayleigh) Scattering - add depth to a scene with classic scattering from the sky.

•Haze Scattering - create dusty air with physically-based scattering from aerosols (dust/pollution).

•Volumetric Light Shafts - directional light shadow maps cast true volumetric shadows through haze.

•Volumetric Point & Spot Lights - create local volumetric effects from point and spot lights with support for shadows, cookies and 3D density textures.

•Height-Based Fog - easy to control fog with exponential height falloff and sun lighting.

•Quick Setup - add DeepSky Haze to your scene with just a few clicks.

•Transparent Shaders - includes custom shaders to allow atmospheric effects on transparent objects and skybox elements.

•Zone System - create different effects for particular areas, with smooth blends as you travel between them.

•Time-Of-Day Variation - create specific atmospheric effects for different times of day*.

•Supports Multiple Cameras - share settings across all cameras in the scene or specify overrides per-camera, useful for (eg) cutscenes.

•Create Presets - easily save presets for atmospheric effects to share across scenes.

*DeepSky Haze is not a time-of-day system, but allows you to create atmospheric effects that can be smoothly blended via a Time parameter.

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