Colormap Ultra Terrain Shader 3.09

The shaders require Unity 5.4 and DX11 or OpenGLCore – DX9 or WebGL are not supported.

Color Map
Add a manually authored color map to get much more variety on your terrain texturing.

Up to 8 splats within a single pass
Use 4–8 detail maps or layers [including normals, smoothness and height maps – specular is defined as solid color per layer] – all drawn within a single shader pass so the terrain’s geometry does not have to be rendered twice.

Advanced height based blending
Blend details according to their height maps giving you a much more natural look.

Multi UV Mixing
Get rid of nasty tiling artifacts on high-frequency textures like rock using Multi UV Mixing which is supported on 2 of the 8 layers.

Parallax Mapping or Tessellation
Add more depth to your terrain using parallax mapping or tessellation [beta].

Dynamic Weather
Add dynamically calculated and fixed snow, water and wetness to your terrain – based on Lux 2.01 snow and wetness functions which also support rain ripples and water running down the surface to add some extra touch.

Terrain Holes, Snow and Wetness Mask and manually painted Puddles
Cut holes into the terrain, mask snow and wetness/water accumulation or add manually painted puddles and water streams using the Colormap Painting Tool.

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