Realistic FPS Pack (Muzzleflash/Impacts) 1.2

This is a great starter pack for those looking to add some realistic SFX to their shooting games.

(Note: the entire mini-game and all of its assets/code is included in this package)
Included are particle systems and sounds for the following effects:
Bullet Impacts:
1) Concrete
2) Dirt
3) Flesh / Blood
4) Foliage
5) Glass
6) Metal
7) Paper
8) Plaster
9) Plastic
10) Water
11) Wood
12) Mud
13) Stone
14) Brick Red
15) Sand

Three different muzzleflash effects:
-Generic muzzleflash
-Starshaped muzzleflash (for four ported flash hiders)
-V-shaped muzzleflash ( for two ported flash hiders)
-A really nice explosion effect (can never have too many of these

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:31
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