Building Smart System v1.0 (torrent)

What is it ?
This plugin adds a smart building system to your game in 3 clicks.
The player can now build any GameObject you want, and construct it on any type of terrain.

- Works with any type of GameObject : Building prefabs can be simple objects, or have a complex hierarchy, can have collider or not ...
- Fast and powerful positioning system
- Rotate buildings with mouse wheel
- Works on any type of terrain
- Auto detection of valid and invalid locations
- Verifies that the floor is flat under the whole building
- Automatically color the building where it is on good or wrong location. Freely select the colors.
- Nice dust effect when building. Freely customize/replace it.
- Callback method to execute your code after construction
- Works with Unity Free version
- Add it to your game in 3 clicks
- Start construction of any Gameobject with only one line of code
- Currently not compatible with mobile (it uses the mouse). Coming soon.

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:18
      Author:  Unit
      Views:  686
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