Chronos - time control v1.1

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Chronos brings full time control to Unity. It is easy to use, optimized for performance and equipped to handle any scenario you have in mind. Perfect for magic spells, puzzle games, sci-fi abilities or special effects!

- Slow, pause, rewind and accelerate time
- Each object on its own separate timeline
- Create time effects in any collider region
- Easily applies to your custom scripts
- Simple systems to make any code rewindable
- Fully compatible with physics
- Works with custom properties
- Automatically applies to animations, particle effects, nav mesh agents and audio

- New: PlayMaker Integration
- Free (Personal) or Pro
- 2D or 3D
- C# or UnityScript (JavaScript)
- Any platform

- New: Example scene
- Quick and easy tutorial
- Full documentation and class reference
- Visual Studio / MonoDevelop documentation
- Full source code included
- Support forum for questions, feature requests and bug reports

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Note: The town scene is not included in the package. For the assets, see: BRAiNBOX

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