MFP: Multiplayer First Person v1.0

*This asset requires Photon Cloud Pun 1.50.3++*
For developers who want to save time in creating the foundation for its new multiplayer project or seeks to learn about how to implement networks in their projectMFP is a simple Multiplayer kit first personthat contains all the basics made Network logic to start with any type of game in first person, as MMO, RPG, FPS, FPS Coop,Racing, etc ...
It is simple to understand and modify, everything is completely customizable.


- Photon PUN networking solution.
- Enter / Exit Car (Sync).
- Passenger in car.
- Multiplayer Doors.
- Car controller synchronized.
- Mecanim Animation for TP View (Network player).
- Room Chat.
- Lobby Chat.
- Master Client authoritative room logic.
- Complete uGUI system.
- Photon Raise events.
- Unity Events.
- Professional UI desing.
- Sync scene Objects.

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:18
      Author:  Unit
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