Code Control 1.2

Unity 5 compatible!

Code Control is a framework written in C#, specially designed to create an easy to understand workflow for creating games in Unity using the MVC design pattern.

Key features:
• Code Monitoring
• Smart Serialization
• Global Messaging

To get started:
• Tutorials
• Documentation
• Demo Video

This package contains the full source code of Code Control, allowing you to instantly tweak it when necessary!

Code Control comes with three insightful ways to monitor what's happening in code while running the game. Including message visualization and a basic UML of data structures, all clickable to open associated code files, making it much easier for new programmers to hop in on your project and understand the code.

Data models can be saved effortless while having references to each other. Controllers enforce a single initialization path, making sure there is no separate code for initializing-from-game and initializing-from-load.

More info: Unity Forum Thread and Product Website.

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