Final IK 1.3

The final Inverse Kinematics solution for the game developer.

Update (1.4):
After a 1.5 year Beta period and more than 2K licensees it is safe to say Final IK is a battle-tested tool. Welcome to the full version of Final IK!

1.4 brings a number of fixes, improvements and third party integration packages. Final-IK 1.4 is fully compatible with PuppetMaster 0.4. See the Release Notes for full details.

What can I do with Final IK?
Take a look at over 30 (and counting) demo videos on YouTube.

What does it contain?
Full Body Biped IK
Biped IK
Multi-effector FABRIK
Look-At IK
Aim IK
Limb IK
Rotation Limits
Interaction System
+ 46 Demo scenes and example scripts for all components

How does it perform?

Technical Overview
- Does NOT require Unity Pro
- Does NOT require, but works with Mecanim
- Tested on Standalone, Web Player, IOS and Android
- Source code included
- Custom undoable inspectors and scene view handles for each component
- Warning system to safeguard from null references and invalid setups
- Optimized for great performance
- Modular, easily extendable. Compose your own custom character rigs
- HTML documentation, fully commented code
- Tested on a wide range of characters

Publisher's Website

Online User Manual
Online Script Reference


What are your plans for the future?
Continue improving Final IK, it's documentation and add more features. I will be concentrating mostly on developing the Full Body IK part of the package, based on Your feedback and practical use cases.

Anything else I should know before buying?
Make sure to read the Online User Manualabout the components that interest you the most.

There is a section about the requirements and limitations of each component.

Looking forward to working together,
Partel Lang - developer of Final IK

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