Survival Engine Pro 1.8.4

SurvivalEngine PRO is the 3rd and final generation of SurvivalEngine frameworks, and it's got everything to offer that SE1 and SE2 couldn't do and more. With a fully reworked UI, system, functionality and method - SurvivalEngine PRO is here to help you create an amazing AAA survival game without having to code. But if you're wanting to code even a bit, there is a strong and easy API that you can use with it.

What is new with SurvivalEngine PRO?
SurvivalEngine is now controlled through an editor window (can be seen in the media section), unlike the 2nd generation that had a simple custom inspector. A whole lot of new functions, very simple to use UI in editor and no more script moving - it's all done for you whenever you want!

Full Integration!
With SE2, you could only use the default player script that was following up, and it did not offer the perfect customization to the movement of player, nor the mechanics - just simple values such as jump force and movement speed. This time around, you're fully FREE to use whatever you want for your player! Scripts, models, anything - you can use anything fromuFPS to Unity's default FPS/TPS without having to integrate and code bunch of stuff.

SDK and API for Developers
sPRO comes with full source code, in-depth commented codes, high quality documentation and an amazing API list for developers that wants to edit sPRO or take use of anything in their game from sPRO. As my biggest goal is to remove all restrictions from my products, this is a huge step to let you guys decide how your game is going to be from top to toe.

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:20
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