Login Pro 5.1

Full login system with professionnal security and a lot of great features
Installed within minutes, your games and your players are totally safe against any hacking, everything is automatic and setup for you out of the box!

In-App Web Browser 1.6

Ассет куплен,можно запрашивать обновления

This package lets you open website inside a modal platform-native window. That gives better user experience than usingApplication.OpenURL as user won't leave your app. 

Combu 2.1.10

Combu is a full featured solution that allows you to add an online storage for your game in only 3 steps and bring your players community online with your web server and MySQL database. 

Survival Engine Pro 1.8.4

SurvivalEngine PRO is the 3rd and final generation of SurvivalEngine frameworks, and it's got everything to offer that SE1 and SE2 couldn't do and more. With a fully reworked UI, system, functionality and method - SurvivalEngine PRO is here to help you create an amazing AAA survival game without having to code. But if you're wanting to code even a bit, there is a strong and easy API that you can use with it.


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